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Drop Sealer

   Standard Features:
 Instant hand wheel and lock adjustment for product length, width and
 thickness changes.     
 Adjustable slide angle to suit the weight and nature of the product.
 Dial control for seal time dwell to suit thickness of bag film.
 Kicker bar provided for positive separation of trimmed bag top. Plus air  
 jet nozzle for chip disposal.      
 Teflon cloth over sealer jaw gives instant release of heated film.
 Roller Shade mounting for instant replenishment and maximum use of  
 Automatic protective safety device. 
 Clean-Cut, simple design for easy maintenance and long machine life.
   Package Range size for Standard Equipment:  (Wider Jaw Sizes Available)
 3" to 19 1/2"  In Length.
 1/8" to 4" In Thickness.
 1" to 15" In Width - On machine with 15" jaws.  
   Optional Features:
   Available in four jaw sizes to suit maximum bag width being used-
 Model 615/   15"         Wide Jaw
 Model 618/    18"            "      "
 Model 620/    20"            "      "
 Model 630/    30"            "      "
   Available in three seal configurations:
 (THI)  Thermal Impulse - For Strong Attractive Seals.
   (STH) Steady Heat - For Highest Speed Sealing.
 (BE)   Bead Edge - Double Lines of Seal for Extra Strength and for sealing
          heavy -gauge films.
 Air-Operated product compressor unit. Gently squeeze product during,
 eliminating excess air from package and adding to package attractiveness.
 Electric eye product sensor for light- weight or odd configuration products.